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Coming to a Ditch Near You
Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boom Mower

Today the City of Shoreacres is pleased to announce a program to begin the routine mowing of all ditches in need of attention. It wwill be our goal to mow on an ongoing and regular basis the street right-of-way in front of vacant lots as well as any ditches that are either unmaintained or difficult to maintain because of depth, slope or water. 

The tractor and boom mower appearing in the photograph above is being operated by our own Public Works Department personnel on Baywood Avenue.

At their regular Monday meeting this week the Shoreacres City Council authorized the expenditure of $75,875 for the purchase of a new tractor and boom mower. Delivery of the new equipment, ordered yesterday, is expected in July. In addition to mowing the new tractor will perform other duties in the Public Works Department.

The city's old mower had become unreliable and the expense of repair, maintenance, and operation limited its use. With the new equipment the city will be able to perform right-of-way maintenance at a much higher level than in the past.

The orange tractor you will see mowing ditches this week, Saturday, and the early part of next week has been rented so that we can get a jump start on the program while waiting for our own blue tractor to arrive.

This heavy equipment is not expected to provide the same kind of manicured lawn cut that homeowners can achieve with their own lawnmower, but it will significantly reduce the height of weeds, reeds, and brush that would otherwise grow and foul many of our open ditches.

This new program will assist those residents with ditches that are difficult or impossible to maintain with a home lawnmower. It will also facilitate improved storm drainage throughout the city and reduce some risks of heavy rain event flooding.

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2011 Election Results
Posted: Saturday, May 14, 2011

Four candidates sought one of three open at-large alderman seats in today's May 14 General Election in the City of Shoreacres. All three incumbents were seeking re-election. 

44 ballots were cast in the city's election, 12 of those being during early voting.

Incumbent Richard Adams was the top vote winner with 35 votes assuring him an at-large position on the city council. Connie Ramirez received 29 votes and Dana Woodruff received 28 votes, enough for both incumbents to retain their seats. Newcomer Matthew Webber received 18 votes.

The election results will not be official until canvassed by city council on May 23. 

More election information can be found here.

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Making the Grade: A First Cut
Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Starting today Donmar Grading, a city contractor, will begin three days of grading and cleaning about a mile of the city's open storm drainage ditches. This work (depicted on the map above) is intended to address a few immediate issues and areas that will not see drainage work this summer.

Another four miles of open ditches are scheduled to be graded late this summer while street work is underway.

Even more ditches will be included in the city's program of work that goes into effect in the new fiscal year that starts in October

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