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Call 281.476.2237 for information about emergency response incidents at member facilities and off-site transportation incidents (such as a tanker truck, rail car, pipeline, or marine vessel) that may impact Shoreacres or the surrounding community.

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Citizens can report complaints directly to the Port of Houston via their Community Information Line at







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Real-time Stream Gauge (A104) Taylor Bayou at Shoreacres Blvd [click here]


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The City of Shoreacres regulates construction within the floodplain through it's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (Ord.2007-04). For a copy of the Ordinance click here. On August 10, 2009, the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance was amended (Ord.2009-46). For a copy of the Ordinance amendments click here.

All new houses and buildings that are substantially improved (50% or more of market value) must be built at (or elevated to) an elevation one-foot above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) shown on the FEMA NFIP Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). We call that elevation the Minimum Base Flood Elevation (MBFE).

All building construction below MBFE in Shoreacres is susceptible to flooding and must be constructed using flood damage-resistant building materials, including fasteners and connectors. The International Building Code®, by reference to ASCE 24 Flood Resistant Design and Construction, and the International Residential Code®, require the use of flood damage-resistant materials. The International Building Code® has been adopted, by Ordinance, by the City of Shoreacres. For guidance see FEMA Technical Bulletin TB-2 (August 2008, 20pp) titled, "Flood Damage-Resistant Materials for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas in Accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program." For an online copy of this publication click here.

To see the City of Shoreacres' MBFE list by address click here.

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Flooding can occur during any season of the year. The entire City of Shoreacres is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) as determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the use of Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).

The principal source of flood water in the city is rain. In the late summer, hurricanes and their tidal surges also pose a serious threat. The last major flooding occurred in August 2017 (Hurricane Harvey rain event). The last major tidal storm surge occurred in September 2008.

Flood Water is slow to drain because of our shallow elevation at or near sea level with land prone to subsidence or sinking. This low, flat ground provides little gravity drainage for rainwater that falls in the city.

Maps showing flood hazard areas are available on this website and on file at the La Porte Public Library and City Hall. To see what zone your property is located in, visit your local library and review the appropriate Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or call City Hall at 281.471.2244, or on-line.

Flood Insurance Study (FIS): Harris County, Texas and Incorporated Areas
Volume 1 contains the general study information. Volume 4 includes detail for the Clear Creek Watershed (A).

Flood Insurance Study (FIS): Harris County, Texas and Incorporated Areas (click the file name to open)

VOLUME 1 48201CV001F 05/02/2019
VOLUME 2 48201CV002D 05/02/2019
VOLUME 3 48201CV003D 01/06/2017
VOLUME 4 48201CV004C 05/02/2019
VOLUME 5 48201CV005C 01/06/2017
VOLUME 6 48201CV006B 10/16/2013
VOLUME 7 48201CV007D 01/06/2017
VOLUME 8 48201CV008D 01/06/2017
VOLUME 9 48201CV009A 01/06/2017
VOLUME 10 48201CV010A 01/06/2017
VOLUME 11 48201CV011A 01/06/2017
VOLUME 12 48201CV012A 01/06/2017

The current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Map for the City of Shoreacres (Community #485510) is Map Number 48201C1085M dated January 6, 2017. [FEMA Risk Map 6]

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PURCHASE FLOOD INSURANCE. Homeowner's insurance policies do not cover losses from flooding. Flood insurance policies must be purchased as a separate policy. Renters can also buy flood policies to protect their personal property. The maximum policy amount available for a single family residence is $250,000.

The City of Shoreacres participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Our Community Number is 485510. The current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Map date is January 6, 2017. All of the City of Shoreacres is within a Special Flood Hazard Area Zone AE or VE. Base Flood Elevations (BFE) within the city range from eleven feet (11') to seventeen feet (17'). The City of Shoreacres requires and additional one-foot of freeboard above BFE and the minimum building elevations (MBFE) in the city range from twelve feet (12') to eighteen feet (18').

To see the City of Shoreacres MBFE list by address click here.

To see Elevation Certificates by address click here.

The current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Map for the City of Shoreacres (Community #485510) is Map Number 48201C1085M dated January 6, 2017. [FEMA Risk Map 6]

The City of Shoreacres' initial FIRM date is December 31, 1974. Buildings built after December 31, 1974 are designated Post-FIRM.

National Flood Insurance Program information can be found at www.floodsmart.gov

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) [website]

You are eligible for flood insurance because the City of Shoreacres participates in the National Flood Insurance Program. If the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood maps show that a property is in an AE or VE Zone, flood insurance is required by law in order to get a federally secured loan or mortgage.

The purchase of flood insurance on a voluntary basis is wise. Call your insurance agent for flood insurance information. There is a 30 day waiting period before a flood insurance policy becomes effective.

Once you've purchased flood insurance, keep your policy and an itemized list of your furnishings, clothing, and valuables in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box. Call your agent or broker immediately if you suffer flood damage.

Flood insurance is the best way to stay protected against flood damage, but there are alternatives. Click here for financial assistance alternatives.

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There are many things you can do to an existing building to minimize or eliminate the potential of flood damage.

Sand, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber can be used to protect a structure temporarily. These supplies are readily available from retail outlets. Personal items can also be elevated or moved to upper floors.

Permanent flood proofing measures for flood-prone structures are preferable to temporary ones. These permanent retrofitting methods include elevating the structure, building flood walls and closures, and protecting utilities. Contact the U. S. Corps of Engineers, Floodplain Services or the City of Shoreacres for assistance with flood proofing. The City’s Floodplain Administrator can also make site visits to discuss local flood problems or flood proofing techniques.  Contact City Hall at 281.471.2244. You can also get information on retrofitting, flood insurance, flood protection, and floodplain management from the La Porte Public Library.

Before proceeding with retrofitting measures or any construction and development, (i.e. filling, dredging, remodeling) check with the City at 281.471.2244 for applicable building codes, permit requirements, and zoning restrictions.

To report illegal development contact City Hall at 281.471.2244

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The City of Shoreacres has a drainage system allowing for the collection and movement of storm water away from homes and streets.

The City has a regular program of drainage system maintenance. You can help by cleaning catch basins or ditches in front of your property. Also avoid dumping debris in catch basins, drainage ditches, and canals. Debris can cause the drainage system to function improperly and cause flooding.

Call the City at 281.471.2244, if you have questions or need to report illegal dumping.

The City of Shoreacres has an ordinance that prohibits dumping of any material in the drainage system.

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The City’s flood warning system can provide an early notification of flooding conditions.

A Flood Watch means that flooding is possible. A Flash Flood Watch means that a flash flood, which can happen very fast with little warning, is possible.

A Flood Warning means a flood is occurring or will occur soon; the flood may take several hours to develop. A Flash Flood Warning means a flash flood is occurring or will happen very soon; you should find safety immediately. Listen to local stations for news, information and instructions. Keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand to operate a portable radio in case electrical power is lost. Tune your radio to 740 AM for emergency broadcasts.

If emergency officials tell you to evacuate or leave your home, go immediately to a safe shelter which will be announced by the City at the time of the event. We do, however, encourage all citizens to leave the City altogether during these instances. Turn off all utilities at the main switch, but only if time permits. Do not touch any electrical equipment unless it is in a dry area. Every source of electricity can be dangerous during and after flooding.

If you're caught in a building by suddenly rising water, move to the second floor or the roof (you may need a tool on hand to break through the roof). Take drinking water, a flashlight and a portable radio. Wait for help. If your car stalls in a flooded area, abandon it as soon as possible.

Swimming or playing in or near flood water is life threatening. Drainage ditches and canals carry fast moving flood water and are extremely dangerous. Explain this to your children! Do not attempt to walk through flood water that is more than knee deep.

Be Safe - Be Prepared.

Family Safety Plan - Click Here.

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For more information on flood insurance and other flood-related data, you can visit the FEMA website at www.floodsmart.gov

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1.   Floodplain Development Permit Requirements – All of the City of Shoreacres is located in a floodplain. All developments, regardless of the location, require a permit to include buildings, fill, and any other type development. Contact is required with the City of Shoreacres to obtain necessary permits at 281.471.2244 for any of the instances mentioned above. Additionally, if any citizen observes an illegal development in the floodplain, it should be reported immediately to City Hall at 281.471.2244.

2.   Substantial Improvement/Damage Requirements - The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), as well as current City of Shoreacres ordinances, requires that when the cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition, or other improvements to a building equals or exceeds 50% of the fair market value, the building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building. Substantially damaged buildings must also be brought up to the same standards. A residence or building damaged so that the cost of repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the structure's fair market value must also be elevated at or above the Minimum Base Flood Elevation (MBFE). Questions regarding this subject may be directed to City Hall at 281.471.2244. To see the City of Shoreacres MBFE list by address click here.

3.   Flood Warning System – The City of Shoreacres operates a flood warning system to alert citizens of the City regarding the possibility of impending flooding caused by Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and heavy rains resulting from prolonged thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms, high winds, or a combination thereof. A warning period will be available for most emergency situations, although the amount of lead time may vary from hazard to hazard. Proper use of this warning period will save lives, reduce injuries, and protect property. These warnings are routinely disseminated through the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Upon notification, three (3) short dual tones will be heard over TV and radio stations, citizens should immediately tune to KTRH 740 AM for initial warning information and subsequent updates.

4.   Natural and Beneficial Functions - Most of the City of Shoreacres is at or near sea level. The entire city is prone to the possibility of flooding caused by a variety of circumstances as enumerated above. This condition is primarily attributed to the fact that we are surrounded by streams, bayous, canals and bay. We must depend on drainage ditches and storm culverts to ensure that stormwater is removed as quickly as possible into the surrounding waterways to help mitigate the possibility of flooding. Subsequently, citizens who observe any illegal activities with regard to our storm drainage systems should immediately report these instances to City Hall at 281.471.2244. The importance of protecting our flood prevention resources cannot be overstated.

5.   FEMA Elevation Certificates - These certificates are necessary to determine Base Flood Elevation (BFE) when building a structure, commercial and residential, or mitigation of structure which has been repetitively flooded or substantially damaged. A licensed surveyor is the only entity that can provide this service at a specified cost. Completed certificates should be on file at City Hall for the above mentioned structures built after 1970. Copies of these certificates can be obtained by the respective structure owner on-line or by calling 281.471.2244.

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