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Call 281.476.2237 for information about emergency response incidents at member facilities and off-site transportation incidents (such as a tanker truck, rail car, pipeline, or marine vessel) that may impact Shoreacres or the surrounding community.

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Shoreacres is National Flood Insurance Program Community # 485510

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Updated: November 17, 2009 .
80 Homes With Substantial Damage
613 Homes Without Substantial Damage

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Effective September 1, 2009, all building permit fees will return to their pre-Ike amount. This includes fence and roof permits. Fence permits will require drawings and approval prior to issuance.

Fast Track building permits will not be issued after August 31, 2009. Normal building remodeling permits and inspections will be required effective September 1, 2009.

Outstanding Fast Track permits will remain valid and eligible for inspection for a period of one-year from date of issue. Thereafter those permits will have expired and any additional work or inspection will require a new building / remodeling permit and the payment of standard fees. There is no credit for expired permits.

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The Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying (512.239.5263)
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City Council Extends Temporary Housing
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Read Ordinance 2009-41

It is unlawful to kindle, ignite or burn any paper, wood, brush, trash, refuse within the city. Fine Up To $2,000. City Code Sec. 26-1

If you pump the water out of your swimming pool
the water MUST go into the sanitary sewer.
Please place the discharge hose into your cleanout or other drainpipe.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA: 800.621.3362    www.FEMA.gov


City Council Authorizes FEMA Housing

Wednesday, Sept 17 at 3pm

Thank You Tarrant Regional Water District
The Water Is Back On !

UPDATE 9.19.2008 @ 4:00pm:  We estimate that 575 of our 650 homes have been flooded and today are uninhabitable. I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, "When you're going through hell, keep going." That's exactly what we're doing as a community. Shoreacres is showing what it's made of, and it's all good. Our citizens have pulled together with neighbors, city workers, volunteers and disaster relief teams. The results are incredible.

Things are happening everywhere. Both city water and sewer are up and running. Our streets are clear and every home is accessible. Debris removal has started. The city has contracted with Asplundh to pick up as much as you can stack next to the street. Giant trucks equipped with grapple claws will start by picking up trees and brush. It is very important that you have your trees and brush separated from other construction debris.

This morning we received a forklift on loan from Revak Turbo Machinery Services which has helped tremendously with handling emergency supplies.

At 9:00am Garner Environmental Service delivered three large generators. At 1:15pm we resolved motor control issues and put our primary waste water liftstation back in service. Forty minutes later another liftstation was placed in service. By 3:30 the last of our three waste water liftstations have been placed back in service fully restoring sewer service to the city.

Presently we have to drive a laptop computer out of Shoreacres to a place where we can get Internet service to provide these updates. Tonight we anticipate having satellite Internet equipment installed and operational. That will not only help with the website, but will allow us to have access to other vital information.

UPDATE 9.18.2008 @ 10:00pm:  More progress today. We filled our water tower, have full water pressure, repaired all but two or three leaks, and have flushed all of our lines. Unfortunately we will stay under the Boil Order until commercial electric service is restored. Until then drinking water should be available at City Hall.

Tarrant Regional Water District has been performing a tremendous service for Shoreacres. Yesterday they helped clear streets and rights-of-way of fallen trees. Today they concentrated on clearing fallen trees from the utility easements which will speed the restoration of electricity when line crews arrive. One of the biggest jobs they have singlehandedly tackled was clearing Miramar of about 1,000 tons of concrete rubble. How luck we are to have their assistance. 

We are trying to get the sewer system back in service but are dependent on getting generators from an outside vendor. Garner Environmental Service continues to let us down. Yesterday they promised us three generators this morning. This afternoon they promised us the generators this evening. This evening they have promised us the generators tomorrow morning. We have had a crew and electrician on stand-by for more than 24 hours waiting on those generators. Until they arrive we can't determine what other repair may be required to the system.

UPDATE 9.17.2008 @ 5:00am:  Help is on the way. American Red Cross has been delivering meals that city volunteers have been distributing at a drive thru at City Hall. Starting yesterday Red Cross has been arriving at lunch and dinner with a cantina truck and serving hot meals. Water has been donated (but is running short). Yesterday HEB donated ice arrived and will be available today (Wednesday) as well. Portable restrooms were also delivered at City Hall, Circle Park and along Miramar.

The best news of the day is that Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) is sending us a crew of five and a large generator for our water plant on Bayou Forest. With that assistance we will be able to restore water pressure.  Additionally the TRWD crew is bringing a backhoe and other equipment to help repair water breaks and clear downed trees and debris.

We are still waiting on generators requested from the state to operate our (water plants and) wastewater liftstations.

CenterPoint estimates that it would take six crews three days to restore power to our primary water and wastewater facilities. Under the present conditions we anticipate that amount of work to take at least two weeks.

Harris County Constables will be in the city assisting the police department with patrols. They may be joined by Harris County deputies.

Of course the signals at Shoreacres and SH146 are down and out. Soon we'll attempt to direct traffic at that intersection to keep everyone moving.

UPDATE 9.16.2008 @ 1:00pm:  Small improvements everywhere. More street are passable. Fewer water and gas leaks. Portable restrooms! Food and water at City Hall. City's computer network was restored this morning (still no Internet or e.mail). Still no fax machine line either.

Everyone wants to know when we'll have water, so here's our best estimate, (with no guarantees). Reasonable water pressure for fire fighting and general cleaning maybe Wednesday (9/17) afternoon. Water that's approved for drinking without boiling, maybe October 1. We are dependent on generators or electrical service, restoration of sanitation equipment and sanitation of the distribution system.

We've even less in control of when electric service is restored. The good news is that CenterPoint survey crews have arrived this afternoon. Looking at the system and damage is the first step in developing a plan for repair. You can watch for tree crews to arrive to clear those trees that have fallen across or into the power lines. Restoring everyone's power could take weeks.

UPDATE 9.15.2008 @ 6:00pm: The Police Department has been working hard and doing a great job to protect our citizens and their property. It's a difficult job and working roadblocks is always a thankless job, but necessary for us to maintain security. Today two looters were arrest stealing property from home in broad daylight.

All residents will be able to return to all streets as of Monday. Proof of residency will be required for streets east of Westview.

City Hall and the Public Works building are being operated on our own back-up generators. City Hall will reopen for "normal" business on Tuesday.

Our four man Public Works crew has been doing an outstanding job under these very difficult conditions.

We are continuing to have difficultly with our water system. Flood water has damaged controls, pumps, and power distribution circuits. We are struggling to maintain enough water pressure to supply our fire hydrants. Our sewer system is still out of service until we can either obtain generators or have commercial service restored. Telephone service is hit and miss throughout the city, including City Hall. If you and don't get through to us please keep trying, eventually you will reach us.

September 13, 2008

Dear Residents of Shoreacres:

This evening the Mayor and I were finally able to personally review the impact that Ike has had on our homes. It makes us very sad to see the devastation and destruction of so many homes. Some parts of the city still remain inaccessible today.

We are so very thankful that none of our residents were in these homes when they were violently destroyed. It is certainly clear that our concern about this hurricane was justified.

We know that everyone is very anxious to return home and see the damage for themselves. We understand that and will work hard to make that happen as quickly as possible. First, we must ensure that everyone did make it out safely. Second, we must ensure that we protect your homes and property from further damage or losses. Fire presents one of the largest risks now so we are working to restore water pressure to our fire hydrants. Third, we must make it possible for you, our emergency services, and utility crews to safely reach your property.

Because of the extraordinary hazards and dangers it will be necessary for us to do these things before allowing you and your family to return. Many if not most of our 650 homes are not habitable today.

You should know that it may be four weeks or longer before electrical service is restored to the entire city. You should also know that our water system has been compromised and will take some time to restore.

David K. Stall, City Administrator








This is Shoreacres City Hall. The red marks were placed on the building on Thursday, September 11th in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Ike.

City Administrator David Stall and Public Works Director Eloy Gonzales placed these marks on the building to indicate its the elevation above sea level.

Storm surge from Hurricane Ike at Shoreacres was forecast to be between 17 and 20 feet.

In 1983, before this building was built, Hurricane Alicia visited Shoreacres. Alicia produced a 10 foot storm surge that put about 4 feet of water in the previous City Hall.

Critical items were removed from the building, priority equipment and records were move to be above the 20-foot line inside the building, important equipment and records were placed upstairs above 17.5-feet, and other non-critical items and records were moved in the building to a place inside the building above the 12-foot line.

This new building was constructed to withstand a 15 foot storm surge. City offices are on the second floor with a meeting room and storage downstairs. The ground floor is at 8 feet 10 inches NAVD. The second floor office space is 17.5 feet NAVD.

The first floor is constructed of concrete filled block. The lower windows are intended to breakout and allow water to flow through the building. Windows upstairs are shuttered. 




09.11.2008 - 12:00N

Due to changes in the track of Hurricane Ike and the expected storm surge of up to 15 ft. in some areas, Harris County, City of Houston and Shoreacres officials are calling for the evacuation of citizens residing in Zones A & B of the evacuation plan.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has called for a mandatory evacuation for residents living in zip codes 77586 (Zone A), 77058, 77059, 77062, 77520, 77546, 77571, 77598 (Zone B) beginning at noon today.

Shoreacres Mayor Jayo Washington has called for a mandatory evacuation for all residents living in Shoreacres.

The routes identified for emergency evacuation by the state are Interstate 10 West to San Antonio, Interstate 45 North to Dallas, Interstate 59 North to Nacogdoches and Highway 290 West to Austin or Waco. The Texas Department of Public Safety will stage contraflow in coordination with local plans when needed. Refueling stations will be placed along the routes.

The nearest evacuation shelters can be found in Huntsville and Lufkin. There are no shelters in the immediate area.

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09.11.2008 - 7:00AM

At 4:00am Thursday morning the National Weather Service has predicted that Hurricane Ike will produce tide affecting Shoreacres, Clear Lake and western Galveston Bay will reach 15 feet or more. With that water level most of Shoreacres and surrounding area will be flooded.

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09.12.2008 - 1:00AM

All non-emergency city personnel have been released from duty as of 3:00pm Thursday, September 11, and will remain off until Monday, September 15, subject to call.

At the point Friday, September 12, that sustained winds reach 40 MPH all emergency personnel will be released from duty to evacuate themselves from the city. No city services will be available until the city can be re-entered following Hurricane Ike.

Shoreacres police will be among the first to return, conduct search and rescue, and secure the city from crime. City Public Works and utility workers will return as soon as possible to clear streets and restore city utilities.

Residents are urged not to attempt a return to the city until basic utilities and services are restored. Status of electric, water, sewer, and infrastructure will be posted on the City's website and recorded on the City Hall telephone line.

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09.11.2008 - 12:00N

Shoreacres' City Hall was closed for public business at noon Thursday, September 11 and will not be open on Friday, September 12.

Depending on the amount of damage that City Hall may suffer over the weekend, we may or may not be able to reopen for business on Monday, September 15.

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09.12.2008 - 6:00AM  /  Revised 07.23.2009 - 3:00PM

Flood tides and flood elevations can cause great confusion for those with property at risk for tidal flooding.

Homeowners in Shoreacres are likely familiar with flood elevations and the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for their particular property. The BFE is the lowest elevation that a building with living space can be constructed a still qualify to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In Shoreacres the lowest level that we allow living space is BFE plus one foot (MBFE). In June 2007 the NFIP Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) was updated and changed the MBFE for many areas in Shoreacres. Today the BFE ranges from 12 to 18 feet depending where the property is located. BFE information can be found on FEMA FIRM maps. To verify that your home complies with these requirement you'll need an Elevation Certificate prepared by a surveyor. The BFE elevation is expressed in feet above North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD). A few Elevation Certificates may be expressed in National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD).

Here's the problem. The National Weather Service (NWS) reports Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay tides as feet above MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water) level. MLLW and NAVD elevations are not the same or equal to each other. Comparing MLLW to NAVD will yield different relationship depending on where the body of water is located.

In and around Shoreacres you can add 5 feet to the NWS tide number and know how close that tidal water will come to your BFE. For example: A 10 foot tide on Galveston Bay will result in a water level near 15 feet elevation.

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09.10.2008 - 10:30PM

Hurricane Ike poses a serious threat to Shoreacres.

Official weather forecasts predict high winds will arrive very early Friday morning making travel by afternoon unsafe. As Hurricane Ike moves inland on Saturday the City could experience winds greater than 60 miles per hour with a significant possibility of tornadoes. Power outages are likely.

Heavy rain fall and predicted tides of 9 to 11 feet will flood large areas in and around Shoreacres.

Preparations for this dangerous storm must be rushed to completion.

All residents are strongly encouraged to evacuate early Thursday prior to the onset of Friday’s severe weather conditions. Citizens who need help, can get assistance evacuating if they call City Hall before 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

This is a voluntary evacuation request, but may become a mandatory evacuation order at anytime should Hurricane Ike continue to pose a life threatening danger to Shoreacres.

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09.10.2008 - 4:15PM

At 4pm today, Wednesday, September 10, the National Weather Service issued a HURRICANE WATCH for the central and upper Texas coast including Galveston Bay and the City of Shoreacres. Hurricane conditions are possible within this watch area by Friday.

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09.10.2008 - 2:15PM / Update added 09.18.2008

Municipal Court will not be held on Thursday, September 11, or Friday, September 12. Or Thursday September 25.

If you have a case on the docket, or have been called as a witness or juror, you will receive a new court date.

You next court setting will be scheduled for a date in October or November.

Please contact the Municipal Court Clerk Brenda Kent at 281.471.3340 if you have not received your new date in the mail by Monday, September 22.

IKE-PS-200809101915 Update added 9.19.2008

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