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Call 281.476.2237 for information about emergency response incidents at member facilities and off-site transportation incidents (such as a tanker truck, rail car, pipeline, or marine vessel) that may impact Shoreacres or the surrounding community.

Bayport Noise?

Citizens can report complaints directly to the Port of Houston via their Community Information Line at







1950 John B. Harkness Eugene Ochsner C. H. Counts R. H. Mason Henry Simmons Paul Courtney
1951 Lloyd H. Wells Eugene Ochsner W.K. Jobson M.S. Anderson Henry Simmons Virgil A. Reichardt
1952 Lloyd H. Wells     M.S. Anderson Henry Simmons Virgil A. Reichardt
1953       W. M. Joseph C. S. Sperry L. L. Westover
1954 John B. Harkness J. T. Sandberg W. H. Miller      
1955       G. L. McMillan Ben C. Johnson William O. Strong, Jr.
1956 Ben C. Johnson R. S. Trask J. M. Joseph   S. T. Stanwell  
1957       R. H. Watson Glen Pratt W. M. Poore
1958 R. M. Sinclair R. S. Trask William O. Strong, Jr.      
1959       Harry Royal Lloyd Reber Mary Rose Joseph
1960 S. T. Stanwell Fred E. Westergren, Jr. James T. Sandberg      
1961       James C. Counts W. E. Clark James R. Wharton
1962 S. T. Stanwell F. B. Harrison Larry E. Hassel     James T. Sandberg
1963       Cliff Ellis Joseph Gomer Smith
1964 Ben C. Johnson          
1965     James Price Joseph P. Gomer Robert C. Rogers Gary C. Smith
1966 Ben C. Johnson Mary S. Taylor A. H. Watson      
1968 Ben C. Johnson          
1969 Clifford Ellis          
1971 Shell E. Martin          
1972 Shell E. Martin          
1973       Ben Fleming Maurice Roe Jim M. Goodman
1974 Jack C. Friday Rowe H. Holmes Walton Tiffany      
1975     Maurice W. Roe Ben Fleming Lonnie W. Taylor B.H. Weaver
1976 Rowe H. Holmes Mary S. Taylor Terry Robbins      
1977       Ben Fleming Duke A. Johnson, Jr Harold Rawlings
1978 Rowe H. Holmes Charles L. Ritterhouse Jack P. Jackson      
1979     Shell E. Martin A.C. Bert Huff Charles L. Ritterhouse Harold Rawlings
1980 Rowe H. Holmes Charles L. Ritterhouse B. P. Haiflich      
1981       Billy Joe James James Neal Richard Florence
1982 Charles L. Ritterhouse          
1983         James Neal Richard Florence
1984 Charles L. Ritterhouse          
1985       Nylia Stevenson James Neal Richard Florence
1986 B P Bill Haiflich Charles L. Ritterhouse Billy Joe James Wayne Gamble    
1987 Billy Joe James     Wayne Gamble James Neal Richard Florence
1988 James Neal       B. J. Watson  
1989       Wayne Gamble C. K. Becker  
1990 James Neal          
1992 Bob Plaumann          
1993       Chuck Becker Meredith Wilson Ben Milam
1994 Wayne Gamble Alvin L. Massey Mary Beth Maher      
1995   Mildred Bell   Chuck Becker Meredith Wilson Ben Milam
1996 Wayne Gamble Howard Apel Mary Beth Maher      
1997       Chuck Becker O.W. Schaffer Ben Milam
1998 Wayne Gamble Stan Krauhs Meredith
1999       Chuck Becker Julia H. Browning Sheila M. Walker
2000 Wayne Gamble Stan Krauhs Nancy R. Edmonson Dan Blanchard    
2001 Julia H. Browning     Dan Blanchard Julia H. Browning Mary Becker
2002 Nancy R. Edmonson Stan Krauhs John O. Washington      
2003       Dan Blanchard Vickie Ellis Joseph P. Gomer
2004 Nancy R. Edmonson Thomas W. Revak John O. Washington      
2005       Sandi Lochner Vickie Ellis Joseph P. Gomer
2006 John O. Washington Thomas W. Revak Gerald Victor      
2007       Dolly Arons Richard Adams Joseph P. Gomer
2008 John O. Washington Robert Plant Gerald Victor     Dana Woodruff
2009       Dolly Arons Richard Adams Dana Woodruff
2010 Dolly Arons Nancy J. Schnell Gerald Victor Connie Ramirez    
2011       Connie Ramirez Richard Adams Dana Woodruff
2012 Dolly Arons Steve Jones Matt Webber      
2013 Matt Webber   Mike Wheeler Rick Moses Nancy J. Schnell Bo Bunker
2014 Rick Moses Richard Adams Mike Wheeler Neil Moyer    
2015       David Jennings Nancy J. Schnell Jerome McKown
2016 Kim Sanford Ricky Bowles Ron Hoskins      



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